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Winter Weather Policy

As much as we like to cuddle at LOG, the winter months are always tricky here in South Bend. So far, we have had to cancel the LOG #100 team meeting twice due to snow, ice and cold! We always have to balance our desire to meet for fellowship, fun and project work against our desire to keep all of our team members safe and warm when the weather turns bad.

Our official policy is that whenever your school has a weather-related closure, attendance at any team meeting scheduled for that day will be optional.

Of course, LOG leaders may elect to cancel the meeting altogether. But if the meeting is held and you or your parent would prefer that you not attend, it will be ok for you to miss the meeting. If you do decide to attend, please be careful out there.

As always - whenever you are not going to make it to a LOG team meeting, please be sure to contact one of the CoLeaders or Terry McBride (574) 274-5990 so we know what’s up and not to expect you.

This has been an exceptionally cold week and you might be interested to know that some of our air mattresses are on loan to the emergency shelter at St. Patrick's Church in downtown South Bend. I had to pour warm water over the lock on the trailer door to get them but I'm glad that they are helping some people have a more restful night in the shelter.


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