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So Lean In, and Be Still.

I think the coolest thing about God is although he plays a role in our daily lives, he always shows up when you need him.

When I was in high school, my best friend invited me to come to LOG. I turned her away explaining that church wasn't for me because my family didn't go, not because I was opposed. So I shrugged her off and said maybe next time. When next time came around, she invited me again. And guess what? I said no again! I had no desire to go to a "Jesus camp”. But little did I know, God was pursuing me.

By the time the fall of my sophomore year came around, a felt an overwhelming presence that I didn't know how to explain and this time, I sought my best friend out and asked her when the retreat was. I begged her to let me come. And I am forever grateful because LOG completely changed my life. See, my sophomore year of high school had some of the most challenging experiences in my whole life. Meanwhile I was learning that God wasn't just a mysterious being in the sky. I came to know Him as my Creator, my Refuge, my Heavenly Father, and my Provider. I never knew that I needed somebody to be all of those things.

Out of high school, I was able to continue growing my relationship with God and seeking Jesus harder than I ever had. It was important to me. But I also started to learn and experience more anxiety than I had when I was just 17. I was quick to cling to the verse that someone had left me as a note in my Bible during a retreat. Isaiah 41:13. "I am the Lord God holding your hand, don't be afraid, I am here to help." That became my safe haven. Remembering that whatever I face or am fighting, God is right beside me to protect me.

Fast forward to now. I am on team serving as an adult with LOG #101! This past week, we had a reflection on a new memory verse. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." I couldn't help but think about the previous verse I mentioned from Isaiah. I felt like God was saying to me 10 years ago that no matter what happened, He would be there for me through the battle. Memorizing this verse in Psalm 46, I never really studied on it. Upon doing so, and chatting in my C-Group at our team meeting, I considered that it's more about knowing that God will fight the battle FOR me. For you. No matter what anxiety comes up, or what fear I have, it literally doesn't matter. N O TH I N G is bigger than God. And if nothing is bigger than God, why is it so difficult for us to take time to "fit" Him into our day? Psalm 46:10 in the Message version of the Bible says "Take a long, loving look at me, your High God...above everything." and the NASB tells us, "Cease striving and know that I am God." Upon reading many of the variations that this verse has been translated to, I felt God basically saying to me, "Stop worrying, stop thinking about it, stop trying to understand. I'm God. I am your Creator, Refuge, your Heavenly Father, and Provider. I got this, so trust me. And just be with Me."

So I write this to challenge you all to take time out of your day and be still. Lean in to what God is saying to you and know that He is always going to intervene - IF you give him space to do so. Trust in the Lord! Take time each day to tell Him what you're struggling with and grateful for. Study His Word. Only then do we get to discover Him as our Creator, Refuge, Heavenly Father, Provider, and Strength and Redeemer and Healer and so much more.

There's so much about Him that we will never understand. But developing our relationship with Him can help us see Who we never knew we needed.

So Lean In, and Be Still.


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