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LOGblog by Dave Hankins

I was at a LOG team meeting recently and noticed something unusual. Or rather, it seemed like something was missing. I noticed that of the 15 team members, only one was a boy. It made me sad and prompted me to write this article. Please know it is meant as an appeal and not to call out the young men of LOG.

It is possible that it’s just an anomaly, perhaps exclusive to one team or one team meeting. However, I have also noticed a similar trend with adults in area churches. This is supported by a recent study showing a gender gap of 61% women to 39% men attending church in the United States.

Typically, when I have the opportunity to pray with young men during communion at LOG weekends, I begin by thanking God for the young man’s courage to participate or to serve on team, followed by encouragement for him to continue serving throughout his lifetime. The reason is we need more Godly men in Christianity. Boys and men need to step up and be spiritual leaders and role models.

The men of my generation have largely failed. Please know that I’m not the perfect example. In fact, far from it. I was conflicted as a teenager. I didn’t want my peers to know that I was a Christian. And I probably wouldn’t have joined LOG. This could explain why some young women today don’t invite their boyfriends to LOG. Actually, it was many years later that my wife brought me back to the Lord and to the church.

The point is that young men of your generation need to stand up and reverse the trend. It needs to begin with LOG. My suspicion is that Covid-19 may be a cause for some young men and women to skip the current LOG weekends. I understand this completely. My heart breaks for all of you and for what you have had to endure.

Some of you may be afraid that LOG won’t be the same during the pandemic. You may hesitate to invite participants in fear that they won’t have the same experience as your participant. The truth is LOG isn’t the same right now as it was in the past. It can’t be! But nothing is the same! The entire world has changed. No one knows that more than your generation!

Your generation will always be identified with the pandemic. You have been set apart, albeit for a reason none of you wanted or expected. But know that Christians are always called to be set apart from this world. To be set apart means God chose you specifically for His Glory and His good purpose! My encouragement is to not let the virus defeat you or steal your joy. And don’t let the virus keep you from LOG and the joy of the LOG community!


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