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LOG Lyrics4U - 5/20/20

LOG #94 theme song:

Whatever tomorrow brings - together we'll rise and sing

That we won't be shaken. No we won't be shaken

Sing a new song to the Lord; sing his praise in the meeting of his people.

• Psalm 149:1

When we finally get back together again, what I most want to do is sing.

Oh, I want to give hugs and share stories and do the business of LOG.

But what I long for is for us to join in singing our love of God.

However, as you may have heard, experts are saying that singing

may be worse than talking when it comes to spreading germs.

But the people of God have always lifted their songs of praise.

And, once again, together we’ll rise and sing –

even if it means just singing in our hearts.

Pray that whatever tomorrow brings, we won’t be shaken.


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