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LOG #98

"At first, I didn't really feel comfortable coming to LOG. I was stand-offish and didn't really know anyone. But ..."

If you've been to LOG, you can probably identify with that, right? And I bet you also know how that LOG #98 participant continued the sentence: "... (but) ... I met a good friend and we found what it means to really love and worship God and I am very grateful for this experience."

Many would say that serving on a LOG team is even better than being a participant: "As always, LOG has blessed me with another amazing weekend that I'll remember forever. It was filled with love, laughs and plenty of tears. I wouldn't change the experiences I've had for the world. I love this program and all who are a part of it."

1693 youth have shared in the love of God in this special way we call LOG. We'll jump up to 1715 by this time next week as we complete our 99th LOG weekend.

Then watch for news over the next few months as we begin the NEXT 100 weekends that can last a lifetime!

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