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Lindsey Kalk - LOG 29p

I studied education in college and came to Honduras to teach 1st grade in a bilingual international school here. After 3 years of teaching and falling in love with this country and its people, I felt God call me to become a full-time missionary, specifically to pursue opening a ministry coffee shop to help address some of the needs I was seeing here in this country (especially lack of opportunities for education/meaningful work, the prevalence of young people doing life on the streets/getting involved in gang life as they search for belonging/family, a need for real RELATIONSHIP with Jesus instead of just "religion".).

I operate under the name of "Koinonia Ministries" with the purpose of partnering with other like-minded ministries here in Honduras to pursue the vision/mission of Koinonia. My main partnerships are:

1) Fleur D'Lis Bistro Cafe - a cafe in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, owned by a Christian Honduran young woman, where I am gaining practical business experience/knowledge that I will (hopefully in the near future!) use to help One Day Revival start a coffee shop/community center to support its vision/projects (see below).

2) One Day Revival Ministries (website below) - a ministry in a rural town that ministers to young people at-risk for street life, substance abuse, and gang involvement through educational sponsorship/resources, authentic relationship building, Bible Studies, skills training (right now in carpentry/art, and in the future coffee shop we'll add cooking, baking, barista, etc.)

You can email Lindsey at:


Most recent personal newsletter (there is also a button at the top of the page to view past issues, if interested):

One Day Revival Ministries website:

Fleur D'Lis Bistro-Cafe: Find them on Facebook (@fleurdlisbistrocafe) and Instagram (@bistrofleur)!


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