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Lindsay (Sherburn) Hinze - LOG #21

In the years since my time with LOG (participant #21), my life has been transformed in so many ways. Most recently, I’ve celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary with my husband, Jayk. We live in Cincinnati, OH, where Jayk is a youth pastor and I serve as the Operations Manager for a non-profit, after-school ministry.

As I’ve reflected over these years, I’ve realized one of the biggest transformations has been the realization that I am a leader. Though I served as a co-leader with LOG and had other leadership opportunities in high school, I never really saw myself as a leader. I thought my reserved nature and even my gender kept me from being a Christian leader. It’s taken me years of growth, healing and mentorship to be able to see how God has uniquely gifted me to lead.

These days, I am blessed to be a member of a church that has not just one, but two female pastors. Their example has encouraged me in my own journey. This summer, I finished my Master of Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary, where I had the chance to grow my knowledge and my faith while I developed my skills as a leader. God has used this season to show me that leaders come in all forms, and that He has called me to boldly serve. As He’s worked in my heart, He’s called me to practice what I’ve learned: I’ve been given the opportunity to preach at a local congregation on the Sundays when their pastor is on vacation, an opportunity I’d never imagined I’d have.

I am also preparing to transition into a role with Impact Campus Ministries, serving at the University of Cincinnati. Learn more about my new adventure with Impact by reading my newsletter or checking out the website at or contact me at

I am so thankful for the ways God refuses to leave us where we’re at. Instead of allowing us to stay limited by our fears, He gently shows us the beauty of what He has for us.


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