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Courtney Elrod - LOG #26

In high school I was involved in Young Life, a faith-based outreach program, and LOG, which we all know and love! Both provided a good community of peers to engage, learn, and grow with. I wanted to make sure I continued to surround myself with a community of people who went deep, either through a friend group, ministry, church, or work.

After being a Young Life leader in college I committed to a one year internship at a YL camp in Oregon. It was a year of intense community, constant service, solidifying my faith, and learning the art of living in the middle of nowhere. We were two hours from the nearest grocery store, and the community consisted of 150 staff/family members that lived on property year-round. Co-workers were also neighbors and became family. I stayed on staff in the retail department for another 3 years, running the stores and snack bars on property. I trained, oversaw and mentored our college-aged staff. It was a consistent call to lay down my desires for the "typical progression of life" and to serve continuously. I fell in love with the work that the Lord brought me there to do and the people I got to work with.

In January of 2018, I felt called to step out without a plan. I left my position at the camp and moved to a small town on the other side of Oregon with no job. Within two weeks I applied, interviewed and was hired at a small Christian university working with adults returning to finish their bachelor's degree. This is where I currently reside, and I am thankful for another great community of people to get to know, learn with, and work alongside.

Life is not always easy and by no means has it turned out how I would have expected, but I continue to hold on to the truth that God is good. Being involved in circles of deep community causes me to continue to engage in conversations about faith, life, and even doubts. By keeping and fighting for my own faith and relationship with God, I have been able to stay rooted even when things don't go according to plan, or I should say according to my plan.

You can connect with Courtney on Facebook or by email at


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