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Corey Sheets - LOG #3

Since LOG, I graduated high school and joined the United States Coast Guard. I served in Honolulu, HI and St. Joseph, MI. After 8 years of the USCG, I went to work for my in-laws in the printing industry. Before my G.I. Bill would run out, I went back to college at IUSB. I studied there for 3 years where I graduated with a bachelors of arts in Political Science and Spanish. Prior to graduating I was accepted to the Transition to Teach at Bethel College where I completed the program for elementary education. I currently teach kindergarten as Sam Adams Elementary School in Cassopolis Michigan. I have been married to my wife, Laura, for 17 years and we have 2 children, Julia 15 and Chandler 13. We attend Hope United Methodist Church in Edwardsburg, MI.

My favorite memories of LOG are receiving my Bible. It was the same Bible I took to boot camp with me and was able to read the encouragement of the team that put me through LOG and another favorite memory was the Ragman story. I used this story many times in devotionals in small groups and also in a program I volunteered for in South Bend for the homeless called Project Warm.

To hear that Julia was able to be invited after so many years to LOG was amazing. She came home one day talking about how one of her friends attended LOG. It brought up a discussion in our family and was really neat. Then while at a hockey game at Notre Dame, about 2 days after our family discussion, I ran into Terry and brought up the experiences. I was so blessed and excited to hear that she was invited. It is a true bond that Julia and I share an experience that we have grown closer to God, but also closer to each other because of this experience.

My brother Aaron, who also attended LOG, was able to write a letter for Julia for her experience. It really brought a close connection to them as well. Aaron now works for First Merchants Bank. He is married and has a daughter who is 11. He lives in Granger and attends Michiana Community Church in Granger.

From Julia Sheets (LOG #100) - A couple of things that I liked about LOG is Agape, table groups, and the friendships that I made throughout the weekend. I think that it was so much fun to do something my dad did when he was in high school. He has told me about the friendships that he has made and now I have made some of my own. I have learned so much and one of my favorite things I have learned is how to keep my faith strong even in the hard times. I would love if someday my future kids would go to LOG. It is such an amazing experience and it is a safe place where you can just talk about GOD and work on your faith between you and him.

From Laura Sheets - Corey has always spoke so fondly of his experience attending Log. There have been pictures over the years posted to Facebook of his Log #3 group and he loves to tell me who the people are in the photos and the amazing time the shared. I love that Corey and Julia can share their experiences together of the way Log grew their faith and the special treats Log has in store for each in attendance. I am excited for Julia to keep growing through her service as a team member.


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