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Connor Flanagan - LOG #70

Hey what’s up guys? I’m Connor Flanagan and I was a participant at LOG 70 and Co Leader at LOG 88.

I graduated from Adams in 2017 and went on to study at IUPUI for the next year. That year away was among the roughest of my life as I did not adapt well to the settings around me. So I made the decision to return home and take the year off. I am hopeful that I will be starting at IUSB in the fall to be a secondary Education major. I am currently working at the Super Target during my time off from school.

This year has taught me a lot and led me to wanting to help start a weekend for current LOGgers to help them get a better grip on what life after High School will be! It’s called CAMP LOG which is Connections After My Participation in LOG. It’s going to focus on what life after high school will be, help to strengthen their relationship with God, as well as building a connection with current college students and former LOGgers to help them have people who have already been out of high school and learned how hard it can be.

We have a sign up form on the alumni page and I’m open to answer any questions you might have about the weekend! Let’s do this – for us and for those who are coming behind us!


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