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December 1

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

As we journey through Advent to Christmas, you can start each day with a brief Advent devo sent right to your phone.  Text @logadvent to 81010.

There are 24 chapters in the Gospel of Luke. I am encouraging the LOG community to read one chapter every day in Advent to help us prepare for the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Even if we are able to set aside all of the secular and commercial aspects of Christmas (decorations, parties, food and, of course, presents) we often are left with baby Jesus in the manger. And it's easy to just leave him there. But Jesus grew up - and taught and healed and loved and eventually was crucified on a cross for our sake.

This Advent, we'll try to take on the whole story - starting with angels and shepherds and the baby Jesus - and reading about what Jesus of Nazareth said and did - and ending with the Risen Jesus, our lord and savior.

Text @logadvent to 81010 and each day you will receive a very brief devotional thought based on the Gospel of Luke to help you remember the reason for the season.

Do it now: text @logadvent to 81010


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