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We are glad you want to serve on Team for a LOG Weekend!


Serving on a LOG Team is a privilege
and requires a commitment.

We need your commitment just the same way as does a marching band or sports team!  With only a few Team meetings, we need everyone to be at every meeting and to stay for the entirety of each meeting.

Missing a LOG Team meeting for sports or academic team competitions or performances may be acceptable if arranged in advance.  Practices and rehearsals are not acceptable reasons for missing a LOG Team meeting.

** Jobs and homework are not valid reasons for missing a meeting – please arrange your time accordingly.

Please explain this commitment to your parents and ask them to support you by not scheduling family events (birthday celebrations, meals and out-of-town trips) that will conflict with your Team meetings.

If you miss even one meeting, we may need to discuss whether or not being a part of the Team and the LOG weekend is appropriate for you.

All Team members will be asked to abide by the Team Covenant.

Each team member will be required to pay a $100.00 team fee. The actual cost is $130.00 but we discount it because you are also encouraged to bring snacks to team meetings, overnights and the LOG weekend.  If you are unable to pay your team fee, please talk to Terry about financial aid.

We hope that you will also be faithful to attending worship and fellowship activities offered by the LOG community and/or your home church.  We cannot require this, but do expect it. This is the way you can connect with folks that are not on the same Team with you and spend some time focused on growing in your relationship with God.

If you are concerned about making this commitment to Team, you may call to discuss the specifics of your situation with the Co-Leaders and Adult Advisors – we will try to work things out in a way that is acceptable to all concerned.

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