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Stephanie (Buffy Bosma) Hoyle - LOG #1

Hi! I’m Stephanie - better known in LOG life as Buffy! I attended LOG #1-5 as a participant/on team and then came back for a handful of teams as an adult leader. Since then, I moved to Eau Claire WI, got married and have 2 kids.

Something unique to me is that I have carried a child - a baby girl - as a surrogate for a family looking to finish their family. Why would I do that? My pregnancies were far from difficult and I carried some big babies - over 8lbs and over 9lbs. My doctor mentioned to me that if I was done with my family, that I may consider carrying for someone else. I had never even thought of it - never a thought in my mind. That day, the researching began on what this was all about. I met the qualifications and read about the good, bad, and the ugly. After a year of researching, I sense a call to move forward.

I applied with an agency that matches couples to go through this journey. A wonderful couple from Rochester, MN had a daughter but had complications trying to conceive a sibling. They turned to surrogacy to help finish their family of having one more child. They had one good embryo left (no pressure!) and to our joy, it worked! Baby girl was born over 2 years ago in June. She and the family are doing great.

Given my great experience and the fact that I was healthy, I once again felt called to help another family. I began the process to go through another surrogacy and was matched with a great couple from Minneapolis, MN. They currently have no children. I am happy to report that I am 9 weeks pregnant with their son!

It’s not a conventional way to have a family and not easy for either parties but watching parents experience the same joy that I felt when I first became a mom and when I got to become a mom for the 2nd time, is what drives me to help!


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