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Meet Ethan!

Hi everyone! My name is Ethan Swinehart, participant of LOG 110 (clap). As many of you know, I am taking over for Terry at the end of the year as he steps into retirement.

It has been such a joy and fruitful time getting into the trenches of LOG, and I’m even more excited for the continued growth and direction we are headed. This post serves as a little introduction to me and what my life looks like!

Perhaps the most important thing about me is that I’m married to the most wonderful human on the planet, Joy.

Joy has the biggest heart and is the biggest dreamer I know. Combine the two and you make for a pretty special person. Though, admittedly, I am biased…

We met our senior year at Bethel College! We grew up 10 minutes apart but never met until our last year at Bethel. After graduation we moved to Islamorada, Florida. Here I served as a Youth and Worship Pastor at a local church.

Florida has a deep place in my heart. We were heavily involved with the youth in the community. As well, we became licensed foster parents and Joy worked for the local children’s shelter. Everywhere we go it seems like youth ministry is at the heart of our time and effort.

Youth ministry is at the heart of what I love. With all the voices speaking into students’ lives, it is an honor to be in a position where we can try and make life with Jesus more accessible to them.

LOG has already become a very important place to me as it does for most people that experience the program. Thank you for accepting me and welcoming me into this new role. It is a privilege to serve youth in the Michiana area.

Lastly, our dog Nash. He’s a crazy, sweet pup. And he’d love to meet you.


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