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Sarah Proctor Legacy
Teacher Award


Last year, the LOG community lost a dear friend. Sarah Proctor was a loving person that touched many lives. We are happy to announce the Sarah Proctor Teacher Legacy Award in her honor. This award is for teachers in our area who are seeking financial help in their classrooms and for their students. 

We are looking for teachers to apply for this award. Bi-annually we will take applications and reach out to those who qualify. The award is simple- an Amazon gift card. We want to provide teachers flexibility with our gift in order to fill their specific needs. 

If you are a teacher, PLEASE apply with the link below. If you are interested in donating to this award, you can do that by scrolling down. 

"When Sarah wasn't helping our community, she was helping another one: the students and fellow teachers of Justus Gage Elementary in Dowagiac, MI. A teacher for 20 years, she knew first-hand how rewarding and challenging the profession can be including how much of their time, talent, and treasure each teacher pours into the classroom every year. We hope that this annual fund, specifically designated for LOG alumni who are also teachers, can help provide supplies and resources for students of all ages to learn and grow as well as carry on the legacy Sarah started so many years ago. "

LeeAndra Fouts

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