It’s been a heck-of-a-year!


Last March, as the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to surge, we realized that we had to postpone the LOG #105 weekend just hours before it was to begin. I called the coleaders at 10am on Friday morning to say that we couldn’t start the LOG weekend that evening – and a day later had to tell the LOG #106 co’s that we had to postpone their weekend as well.  This was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made! 


For three months, we held out hope that we could reschedule LOG #105 and LOG #106 before finally admitting that the best we could do was offer to refund all team and participant fees and plan a three-hour finale to bring closure to each of the weekends.


We refunded $3,685.00 to fifty-five team members and participants.  Thanks be to God for the nineteen families that told us to keep the monies as a donation!


In addition, COVID prevented us from participating in SOS or presenting a LOG weekend at Bashor Home this past summer.  In a normal year, we would have cleared approximately $3,000.00 on those events.

We were very glad to be able to have LOG #107 and LOG #108 in early October but had to make extensive changes to the weekends to be sure we could do them safely.  We spent almost the entire time out-of-doors and we did not stay over night. We couldn’t hug each other or hold hands when we prayed and we had to give up feeding each other during Agape.  But we came away knowing that COVID can’t stop the Love Of God!  The weekends were wonderful and brought hope and joy to the youth and adults in the midst of this very difficult time.


If there was any downside to the fall weekends, it was that we had less than ten youth serve on each team (mostly due to not having new people join us during the cancelled March weekends and losing so many seniors to graduation).  Because of all the changes to the weekends, we reduced the normal team and participant fees and we had some unusual expenses including the cost of an outdoor space to hold the weekends and the rental costs for a Joy John, hand-washing station and propane heater to warm up the “purple room” when we couldn’t even cuddle to keep warm.  Thankfully, we broke even on these weekends but we normally would have cleared a few thousand dollars after expenses.


LOG was blessed to receive a PPP loan from the federal government.  We fully expect that loan to be forgiven and turned into a grant that will help make up some of the difference for the first three months of the pandemic.  But even so, we are currently estimating that we will have a budget shortfall in excess of $3,000.00 for this year.


This is the reason we have planned the 2020•4•2020 virtual fundraiser for LOG.


We hope you will come join us during one or more of the parts of this weekend event to remember what LOG meant to you and be encouraged to make a donation in support of LOG that will help us make it through this crazy year and into 2021 so we can continue to offer the youth of Michiana these weekends that can last a lifetime.



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