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Checking in and updates

Hi! It's been a while since we've used this email list. It's a list filled with alumni, parents, supporters, and many others. In order to keep everyone more informed about LOG and what we are up to, we are going to get back to monthly updates and newsletters. With that, we have so many ways for people to keep up with what we are doing.


Instagram has become, in many ways, our main point of contact with students and participants. It features our team members, weekly meetings, and overviews of everything we are doing. If you have followed us on Instagram, I highly encourage you to do so.


Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with alumni and another area where we post regular updates. please join the LOGcommunity page to see what's happening!

Tik Tok:

I know, many of you will say, "Really???"

Tik Tok has been so much fun for our team. In a world that used social media often, we have to meet the students where they are. Along with this, we have to get into their world in order to minister better to them. So check us out on Tik Tok if you dare!

Our website just recently had a makeover! On it you'll find links to our social media pages, as well as updated photos and alumni pages. We are looking at using our website more and more as we develop better ways to communicate. Check it out!

Hopefully this email will spark inside of you a desire to get involved with us. If you're already supporting and contributing to LOG, THANK YOU!! You're time, gifts, and prayers are what keep this ministry going.

Please be on the lookout for a newsletter that will be posted next week with summer updates. We are looking forward to getting in touch!


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