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Give THanks.
Give Back.

It's giving time! Giving Tuesday through December 16th!

It’s a time to give and support non-profits and other charities. Here at LOG, our organization is completely funded by the generosity of those who have been impacted by our program. And this Giving Tuesday, I’d like to invite you to consider giving to LOG and our Give Thanks Give Back Campaign- whether you’re an alum, parent of a student, or just someone who cares about high school student ministry. 


We just concluded our 113th weekend retreat. And our vision is simple, we want students to have weekends that last a lifetime. Our entire weekends are student led. Through singing, devotions, small groups, and the friendships formed at our weekends, LOG is a program that challenges students to self reflect and provides them a space to experience the love that Jesus offers. 


None of our weekends would be possible without the financial support of those in and outside of our community. So please, consider giving to LOG this Giving Tuesday through December 16th. 


Our goal in this campaign is to raise 5,000 for the program. Your donation would go towards student scholarships, food for the weekend, general upkeep of supplies, and perhaps most importantly, the insurance of many many more weekends to come.

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